Zircon Firefly


 World first VTOL uncrewed aerial system to combat high intensity “Wildfires” globally.

Aerial Firefighting

As weather events are becoming more conducive to fire and each fire event is more intense and destructive, our current methods of fire control are becoming inadequate to the detriment of flora and fauna biodiversity, as well as human life, property, crops, infrastructure loss and increasing Co2 emissions.

Introducing “Firefly” Our UAS firefighting VTOL aims to combat high-intensity wildfires globally. Through innovative patented technology, swift response, infield refuelling, satellite connectivity, lightning tracker and fire alert technology. Join us in protecting communities, reducing loss of life, property, biodiversity and CO2 emissions. Combatting fires smarter, safer and greener.


Our first prototype has attained flight proof of concept (flight). This has provided valuable insights. Our next phase will be to scale-up and develop 4 UAS species of VTOL aircraft.

All aircraft will consist of an electrically driven rotor heads or ducted fans providing both lift and stability. The high velocity extinguishing thrust will be provided by various methods, the first UAS will include electric ducted fans only. The second and third VTOL will be a hybrid hydrogen and or bio-fuel powered jet turbines. The forth aircraft will be an electric hybrid hydrogen fuel cell powering electric ducted fans.

Following on from this our next phase will be to conduct testing at the Cloncurry aviation facility. Once completed engage the rural fire brigade to conduct firefighting trials