Zircon Carrus

A fully autonomous transport system eliminates the need for electronic traffic lights and all road signage such as stop and give-way.

Autonomous Transport

The system does not rely on Wi-Fi and or GPS positioning, the use of range finders such as lidar provides the vehicle with collision avoidance can also be incorporated.

The vehicle’s position relative to a lane of a road is derived using triangulation from multiple road reference devices situated on the surface and in the centre of a lane.

This provides information for the vehicles’ onboard reference devices located on the front and rear of the vehicle.

Both the road reference and the vehicle devices transmit and receive information from a central control battery exchange station, e.g. close a lane or change the speed limit or direction of the vehicles in each lane.

The station also provides each vehicle with time slots to exchange a low battery with a fully charged battery in under 1 minute. The station can also provide power back to the grid as a baseload power supply.