Marina Oasis

Marina Oasis will develop a vessel birthing arrangement called Oasisboatdocks which will facilitate the removal of seawater and or brackish water that harbour marine organisms that cause fouling on the underside below the waterline of a vessel.


The boat dock will extract seawater and/or brackish water from between the surface of the vessel and the docking system and replace it with either recycled freshwater or any other fluid other than seawater or brackish water.

This will eliminate the growth of biofouling completely and the need for an application of harmful biofouling antifouling paint.

Marina Oasis will establish a franchise-based business model to manufacture the Oasisboatdock and install, repair, replace, maintain, resell, and recycle, each of its boat docks on a yearly leasing arrangement to the vessel owner that the boat dock is installed to protect.